Monday, October 19, 2009

Guo Da Li aka 过大礼

Honestly I had no idea what was it about until the run-up to the wedding, haha. . . . It’s actually a traditional Chinese custom where the two families exchange bridal items to symbolize their blessings for the couple and also for good luck. Our families actually discussed the items to be exchanged a few months back during the food tasting @ Amara.
I went forth with the bridal gifts last Friday!...Specially took a day leave to do our Gua Da Li....can't imagine the amount of things to bring to Tin's place......42 boxes of cakes plus 10+ of Teochew biscuits is already a killer for the car boot space liao....imagine another 30 cans of pig trotters and a basket of oranges! Luckily my sis Elica tagged along to help out....if not i dunno need to make how many trips bringing all the items up loh.

Betrothal Gifts:

1) 2 pairs of Dragon & Phoenix candles
2) 42 boxes of wedding cakes
3) 30 cans of pig trotters
4) 2 bottles of Martel
5) 20 oranges
6) Si Dian Jin
7) Angbao containing Dowry

The cakes and biscuits alone took up all the boot space of the MPV loh!

The MUST for all brides...."Si Dian Jin"

The Dragon & Phoenix candles candles, 2 bottles of brandy, Basket of oranges and the cans of pig trotters!!!!

And not forgetting the 42 boxes of cakes + biscuits!’s a tradition to give wedding cakes to the bride’s family, who will then distribute the cakes to their relatives to inform them of their daughter’s marriage. Wah....good luck to Tin' elder brother liao....alot of places to give out all 42 boxes wor...hee!

And guess wat i got in return for all the stuffs......hehehe!
So guys out mentally prepared for this when its your turn....ha!

Returning Gifts aka Hui Li:
Tin's parents accepted the gifts and return part of the dowry and gifts..

2 bottles of orange juices - in exchange for the hard liquor
A portion of Dowry..
Some boxes of wedding cakes
6 cans of pig trotters
Phoenix candles - They (bride’s family) keep the Dragon candles. To be lighted on actual day.

There’s also a lot of items to be bought by the bride’s family to give to the Groom's family.  It includes a tea set for the tea ceremony, the bridal lamps, bridal quilt, bridal bedsheet, even a bridal basin to bathe our kids in next time.....Less than two weeks to go before our Big Day, can’t wait for the day for us to begin the rest of our lives together....hee!

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